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“E-Gems Elite” includes the entire vitamin E family, with sufficient amounts of all eight major forms of natural tocopherols and tocotrienols as they occur in nature. While the natural tocopherols have documented health benefits as antioxidants, hormone modulators and immune supporters, gamma, alpha, beta, and delta tocotrienols bring additional cardiovascular, nerve, blood sugar balancing and possibly anticancer actions that tocopherols lack. Studies that showed little or no effect from vitamin E supplementation failed in part because they used only alpha-tocopherol, rather than also including other tocopherols and tocotrienols. Our view is that the safety concerns for 'vitamin E' apply strictly to the synthetic “dl” form, e.g. dl-alpha, a mirror image of naturally occurring vitamin E, which does not exist in nature and may actually block the beneficial “d” form from entering cells. So we recommend only the eight-constituent mixed natural form and never the dl-alpha variant. We particularly like “E-Gems Elite” because it has large enough amounts of the tocotrienols to be effective. It is guaranteed non-GMO, and in an absorbable and gentle sunflower oil base. Many of our patients have received good heart, neurological or gynecological benefits for years with “E-Gems Elite”.

About mixed natural vitamin E family

Vitamin E, by which we mean the eight-constituent mixed natural vitamin E family, is a potent antioxidant without which our tissues would be very vulnerable to free radical damage. Because oxidative damage has a role in Alzheimer's disease, double blind studies have found that vitamin E extended the time patients were able to dress, bathe and care for themselves. The vitamin E family appears to be a migraine preventive: we have a number of patients who have used it to reduce the frequency of migraines over years. Population studies have shown that low vitamin E levels in the body increase the risk of digestive, prostate and lung cancers, presumably because of higher oxidative injury. Possibly because oxidative stress is a factor in diabetes, there is evidence that the vitamin E family improves glucose metabolism in diabetes, and it may improve insulin's effects and even diabetic neuropathy. Diabetics appear to require more vitamin E.

For gynecological health, the vitamin E family is a classic for early menopause symptoms, when a woman may still have occasional periods and her body is still capable of making some estrogen. Vitamin E has a hormone-balancing effect, and patients report fewer hot flashes, better sleep, and improved mental clarity. Vitamin E suppositories are also used for vaginal dryness. For fibrocystic breast disease, with uncomfortable benign cystic areas, the vitamin E family has been shown in several double-blind studies to relieve discomfort, possibly by normalizing hormone levels.

The benefits of the vitamin E family for reducing risks of heart attacks and strokes are well known. This primarily results from vitamin E being an antioxidant for the LDL “bad” cholesterol molecule. If LDL develops oxidative damage it becomes jagged or “sticky”, and can damage artery linings, starting the atherosclerosis process. Population studies indicate that the body's vitamin levels may more accurately predict heart disease risk than cholesterol levels. Taking vitamin E has been found in several trials to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 37 to 41% over two years. Because vitamin E reduces platelet clumping and is a blood thinner it can reduce the risk of blood clots. Thus we like to use it with patients who have high blood pressure or elevated levels of lipoprotein-a. This may also be the mechanism by which it reduces leg pain over six or more months of use for intermittent claudication, which is due to impeded blood flow to leg muscles. The role of the vitamin E family in improving blood flow also makes it valuable for erectile dysfunction.

Tocotrienols have particular cardiovascular benefits: they have been found to promote new artery formation after a stroke, improve insulin sensitivity, protect vital brain circuitry, and have powerful lipid-lowering properties that tocopherols lack. Human research shows that tocotrienol supplementation can lower total serum lipids by up to 23%, and also can reduce dangerous forms of apo-lipoproteins, lipid-carrying proteins that increase cardiovascular risk; whereas alpha tocopherol has no effect on serum lipids. Tocotrienols may be more potent than folic acid for reducing levels of homocysteine, another important contributor to cardiovascular disease. If a clot does block a blood vessel, alpha- and gamma-tocotrienols particularly can protect the heart tissues that are deprived of blood flow from ischemia, tissue injury and death from oxygen lack. Tocotrienols also work to protect against brain damage from a stroke: they slow breakdown of arachidonic acid (the most abundant brain fatty acid) into inflammatory molecules, reducing the inflammation that can cause tissue injury from an acute stroke; they reduce oxidative damage; and they encourage new arterioles to open and bring blood flow to oxygen-deprived brain tissue.

For cardiovascular protection, vitamin E and tocotrienols reduce levels of C-reactive protein and cytokines, which cause inflammatory damage to heart and blood vessels. The vitamin E family also helps stabilize atherosclerotic plaques, if they do form, so they are less likely to burst or block an artery.

The vitamin E family helps diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and tocotrienols may be especially potent. Double-blind studies have found that 800 to 1,200IU daily of vitamin E improves glucose tolerance, possibly by reducing oxidative damage to cells so that glucose can enter them more easily, and lowers serum triglycerides and “bad” LDL cholesterol. Tocotrienols may help insulin sensitivity and blood sugar, by activating metabolic sensors known as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors or PPARs, a mechanism similar to expensive diabetes drugs. The vitamin E family can support kidney function in diabetics, by preventing damaging fibrous proteins from being deposited in kidney tissue. It also can reduce HbA1c levels, and ease diabetic neuropathy pain. .


1 capsule provides:Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 400 IU, d-Gamma tocopherol100mg, d-Beta & d-Delta tocopherol 40mg. Total Tocotrienols 20mg: typical tocotrienol analysis shows gamma tocotrienol 12 to 14 mg, alpha tocotrienol 5 to 8 mg, beta and delta tocotrienols 2 to 4 mg. Tocopherols and tocotrienols are from soy, palm and rice oil concentrates.

Other Ingredients: sunflower oil, soybean oil, soft gel capsule of gelatin, glycerin, natural color, water.

Free of: - This product does Not contain: artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, preservatives, paraben, shellfish, tree nuts, gluten, wheat, yeast, salt, soy, sugar, corn. Non-GMO.


Always take natural remedies under the supervision of your health care provider. Do not use vitamin E without the advice of your healthcare professional if you take anticoagulant drugs such as warfarin, Plavix or Coumadin, or aspirin, as vitamin E has blood-thinning effects and may enhance their effects. Stop vitamin E at least seven days before surgery and for seven to ten days after, again because of its blood-thinning action. Use vitamin E with caution if you also take garlic, ginger, fish oil or ginkgo, all of which may also reduce blood clotting. Vitamin E might reduce the effectiveness of statin drugs such as Lipitor. Do not use during pregnancy or nursing unless under the guidance of your physician, there is insufficient data about safety during pregnancy.


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Benefits of Consistency

“With the right vitamins, herbs and foods, your health can continue to improve over time, as vibrant new tissues replace old cells. Our patients often feel increasing vitality as medical tests get better and better, year after year.”

- Dr. Rachelle Herdman

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