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Policosanol, a plant sterol, is promising to be a very effective, safe lipid-lowering compound, and “CholestBlend” supplies the ideal high amount we look for, 40mg. per dose. The effects are enhanced by other powerful synergistic ingredients that further each other's benefits. The guggul in “CholestBlend” is standardized for Z & E guggulsterones, both are key active constituents. In our clinic, “CholestBlend” has been significantly more effective for most patients than guggul alone. Garlic, artichoke and pantethine are each lipid-lowering agents in their own right. Vitamin C is a great addition to this formula, as an antioxidant it reduces oxidative damage for blood vessel linings and cholesterol molecules, so that they are less prone to become oxidized, damaged and sticky and cholesterol is less likely to attach to artery walls.

About policosanol, guggul, artichoke, garlic

Policosanol is a plant sterol isolated from sugar cane, though it contains no sugar. It may work by decreasing cholesterol production in the liver and increasing the uptake and breakdown of “bad” LDL. Studies have yielded varying results, in the best policosanol for six months,compared with drugs including lovastatin, simvastatin and gemfibrozil, dropped “bad” LDL up to 30%, and boosted “good” HDL by up to 25%, significantly improving the LDL:HDL risk ratio. Policosanol also reduces platelet aggregation with no detriment to healthy blood clotting, and prevents artery smooth muscle from thickening, thus reducing atherosclerosis risk.

Guggul is a resin derived from sap of the Commiphora mukul tree, found in India and the middle east. Guggul has been described in Ayurvedic texts dating back to 600 BC, for cardiovascular health. The crude resin must be purified for guggulsterone content. Guggul may work by safely binding cholesterol in the bowel and gently removing it in the stools. It also stimulates the liver to clear more “bad” LDL from the blood. Guggul may reduce atherosclerosis, protect the heart muscle from free radical damage, and help prevent blood clots. It also has mild anti-inflammatory actions, and may have a role in weight loss because of its action enhancing healthy cholesterol metabolism.

Artichoke is a classic liver tonic and choleretic, increasing the formation and flow of bile. The medicinal extract is standardized for cynarin, the most researched constituent, which is concentrated in the leaves. Studies report that artichoke can work in two ways to reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels: a) it reduces cholesterol production in the liver; and b) it boosts the natural conversion of cholesterol into bile acids. Artichoke can reduce total cholesterol and triglycerides by up to 12% within the first six weeks of use. Research indicates that artichoke may also prevent development of atherosclerotic plaques by its antioxidant effect that protects LDL from oxidation, and by cutting cholesterol synthesis as it inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, which is the same action as statin drugs. Artichoke also protects probiotics during gastric and intestinal digestion, and it contains inulin, a potent prebiotic that enhances growth of beneficial Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Pantethine, which can lower lipids, is the naturally-occurring active form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) which lacks lipid benefits. Pantethine appears to activate coenzyme A, a cofactor for enzymes that metabolize fats; promote carnitine transport of fatty acids into mitochondria; and boost energy production in every cell of the body. Studies suggest that pantethine is the more effective form because its biochemical configuration is closer to coenzyme A than pantothenic acid. Patients with high lipids can experience up to 30% decrease in total cholesterol and triglycerides, and increases of HDL by up to 20%. Pantethine supports apolipoprotein A1, the major protein component of HDL that helps move cholesterol out from tissues to the liver for excretion. Pantethine is also an "anti-stress" vitamin and adrenal tonic: it may improve athletic performance, and is needed for healthy adrenal cortex function and stress hormone synthesis; deficiency can result in adrenal atrophy.

Garlic cloves' aroma is due to the active constituent allicin, which should be used in astandardized concentration. Garlic can reduce total and “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and raise “good” HDL. It may work by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase and cholesterol production in the liver, increasing bile excretion in feces, or by reducing release of lipids from tissues into the blood. Garlic extract can protect vascular endothelial cells from injury caused by oxidized LDL. Garlic also mildly reduces blood pressure, and studies indicate that it can slow the development of atherosclerosis. Garlic is a potent antimicrobial against both Gram-positive and -negative bacteria: allicin is effective against Streptococci, Salmonella and Helicobacter pylori, and viruses including influenza B, herpes simplex, parainfluenza, vaccinia, vesicular stomatitis virus, and human rhinovirus, hence it is used for fever, coughs, colds and sinus congestion. Garlic is also potentially helpful to reduce high blood sugar.


2 capsules provide: Policosanol40mg, Guggulipid extract (2.5% Z & E guggulsterones) 160mg, Artichoke extract (5% cyarin) 500mg, Pantethine250mg, Garlic (10,000 ppm allicin) 100mg, Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate, buffered) 660mg.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose and water.

Free of: - This product does Not contain: artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, preservatives, paraben,egg, ingredients of animal origin, shellfish, gluten, wheat, yeast, salt, soy, sugar, corn


Always take natural remedies under the supervision of your health care provider. Do not use CholestBlend without the advice of your physician if you are taking lipid-lowering or blood pressure medicines, or thyroid medication, as these doses may need to be adjusted. Garlic and guggul are blood thinners, so stop CholestBlend five days before surgery. Do not use CholestBlend during pregnancy or nursing without medical guidance, as guggul may stimulate the uterus and encourage menstrual flow.


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“With the right vitamins, herbs and foods, your health can continue to improve over time, as vibrant new tissues replace old cells. Our patients often feel increasing vitality as medical tests get better and better, year after year.”

- Dr. Rachelle Herdman

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